Cooperation modes

Benefits of cooperation

Teaching content and features

Public content 70%
Digital literacy and habits
Build digital applications with citizen development tools
Hands-on exercises
Architecture and implementation of common enterprise apps/methodology of RPIC information architecture
The meaning and implementation of digital transformation
Marketplace of digital tools
Application cases
Custom content 30%
Customized case teaching in the student's major
Customized case teaching in the user's industry/discipline

Representatives of cooperative schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Specific forms of cooperative teaching between Mingdao Cloud and schools

According to the actual situation of the school, Mingdao Cloud provides two common forms of cooperation:

1. The school purchases teaching materials, teaching aids, practical training platforms and lecture services from Mingdao Cloud, and the teaching is completed by Mingdao Cloud lecturers.

2. After purchasing teaching materials, teaching aids and practical training platforms from Mingdao Cloud, the school develops its own curriculum and completes the teaching in conjunction with the student training programme.

In addition, if the school has special needs, the form of cooperative teaching can also be discussed in detail.

What are the ways to verify the benefits of cooperative teaching before formal collaboration?

You can talk to the institutions we have successfully worked with. Institutions can also send faculty to observe courses that have already been offered.

Can Mingdao Cloud train teachers to teach students zero-code technology courses?


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