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Diversification of partnership models

We strive to improve product applicability, help our partners innovate industry solutions, reduce competitive duplication and ensure synergy with our partners' businesses.

  • Adding value through application implementation services

    Partners use the SuperApp platform to customise and implement enterprise applications for customers to solve specific business problems.

  • Value-added vertical solutions

    Partners develop solutions for specific industries based on the SuperApp platform, combining it with other technologies to achieve full service.

  • Implementation of the Consultation Plan

    Consulting partners digitise their consulting solutions, optimise their business models and increase customer satisfaction through the SuperApp platform.

  • Software Product Partners

    Partners with proprietary software products to meet customer-specific needs through the SuperApp platform are required to integrate Mindray Cloud technology.

  • OEM Integration

    Integration of the SuperApp platform into own products to provide customised services, including private deployments or multi-tenant SaaS solutions.

Partner Support Services

Minto Cloud does not directly serve partners' end-users, but focuses on providing utility support services to partners for a fixed annual fee

  • Product Training

    Provide training to partners' implementation and sales teams, including one-on-one coaching and regular boot camps to share cases and programmes via live online streaming.

  • POC Validation

    Supporting partners in the POC validation phase, providing comprehensive assistance to ensure that end-customer needs are met, with an emphasis on long-term channel revenue.

  • Business Opportunity Allocation

    Implement the "Partner First" principle, transferring appropriate customer opportunities to partners, providing a large number of Inbound Leads, and respecting partners' rights to customer ownership.

  • Collaborative marketing

    Provide partners with extensive marketing support, including official website displays, blog posts, video communications, and showcasing products and solutions through application libraries and integration centres.

Who is suitable to become a Mingdao Cloud partner

  • Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

    With the help of Minto Cloud to provide customers with customised or extended solutions, reduce the cost of custom development delivery while improving delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Industry Consultation

    Provide consulting services to business organisations while building corresponding software solutions through the Minto Cloud.

  • Industry Leading Enterprises

    Use the Minto Cloud to build a system suitable for use in your industry and promote and sell it to upstream and downstream business organisations.

Example of partner application implementation

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