Easy promotion in 3 steps

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    Register as a HAP Ambassador

    Submit your application, get a reply within 24 hours and start earning money!

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    Promote the registration link

    Application approved, get exclusive referral link

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    Getting orders in return

    Referrals pay for their subscription and you get 10% of their order!

Become a HAP Ambassador and embark on a journey of digital empowerment!

As a promotional partner of HAP, we explore the infinite possibilities of the digital realm to achieve a win-win situation.

  • Earn up to 10% on orders

    Join HAP Ambassadors and receive 10% commission on all subscription-based orders for the first year.

  • High unit price, great returns

    Up to one million dollars for the first year's subscription for a single customer.

  • Total transparency of the process

    The dashboard allows you to view referral statistics, including the number of signups, subscriptions, and total subscriptions.

  • Unlimited Commission

    No referrals or gross revenue cap

  • Tracking lasts one year

    Ongoing tracking of conversions of referred customers for one year

  • Reliable one-on-one assistance

    Dedicated support team at your service

Are you a natural HAP ambassador?

Join HAP and be a force for change. Whatever your role, HAP offers you the opportunity to showcase your talents and expand your impact.

  • self-media

    Promote HAP by creating engaging videos, articles or live content that interacts with your loyal fans.

  • Business and Technology Leaders

    Share industry news and productivity-boosting content to your social circles, leveraging your network of influence and trust.

  • HAP user

    Share your experience of how you have used HAP to expand your business and join our lucrative and loyal users to show the real benefits of HAP.

  • educator

    Teaching HAP and digital skills related courses to help people acquire or upgrade their skills and be ahead of the times.

  • Marketing and sales staff

    Enhance your own solution integrity by recommending HAP to your customers for unaddressed needs.

Launching HAP: A Comprehensive Rollout Strategy

Use social media, short video platforms to industry events to promote HAP and let its technology shine in all corners.

  • write an article

    Publish HAP application cases and operation tips articles to share the value of HAP in depth and attract professional audiences.

  • Online Live Streaming

    Conducting live broadcasts, demonstrating the use of HAP in real time and answering questions, deepening users' understanding of and interest in HAP functions through live broadcasts.

  • Making videos

    Produce and publish videos introducing HAP usage techniques and success stories to attract more users' attention through vivid content demonstrating the practical application of HAP.

  • Industry Events

    Introducing HAP in person, meeting face-to-face with potential users, and explaining HAP's benefits and applications in depth.

  • Circles and Communities

    Share HAP experiences, promote interest and engagement within the community, and guide them to explore and sign up for HAP.

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